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We are the dev team behind Xbus

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Heptapod is our new Mercurial forge

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As you may have noticed our blog has moved. This move makes place for our new forge, Orus.io, which is a Heptapod instance. Heptapod is a gitlab friendly fork that allows to use mercurial with gitlab. Moreover it allows to use the evolve/topic workflow we love. This comes at the same time Bitbucket is preparing to end support for Mercurial. This move is sad but understandable. It opens a place for other actors in the Mercurial hosting space. Read More...

RMLL 2018

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Meet us next Monday at the RMLL in Strasbourg (France)!

Monday 9 July, at 10:00, Florent and I will present xbus at the Libre Software Meeting 2018.


Why we love Elm

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As the Elm website advertises, Elm is “a delightful language for reliable webapps”.

Now that we (at Orus.io) have created a few webapps with it, I can totally approve the claim and add my own: I have never had such a comfortable experience developping in the web browser if not on any GUI.1

In this post I want to expose the reasons why it is such a delight to create webapps with Elm.



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